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Range Rover Vogue – Key Specs To Know

Range Rover is always busy making new models with perfect aesthetics and unmatched performance features. An RR could be your best take, be it a business ride or leisure ride out with your loved ones. Purchasing it could be an expensive transaction; however, you can rent it to make your ride memorable!

Rental companies in the town can help you live your dream by renting this exotic vehicle. Owing to its unmatched performance features, you can control the roads while sparking a head-turning intrigue as you pass by the pedestrians. Rent a luxury car in Dubai today and make your dream ride memorable with your business partners!

Range Rover Vogue Specifications

The Range Rover family has designed some admirable vehicles in the last decade, and the trend still continues. Riders are more inclined towards purchasing and renting these models, thanks to their unmatched specifications and head-turning intrigues. The Range Rover family has focused on style and performance, and new models never come short on these fronts.

Did you know?

  • Range Rover Vogue can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.1 – 7.6 seconds.
  • The fuel economy of this model is 17 – 30 MPG, enough for an excellent ride.

Owing to these features and much more on the list, no one can deny the luxe and comfort of a Range Rover Vogue. We will explore some of the striking features of this vehicle in this post.

Range Rover Vogue specifications:

Following are a few key specifications of this model you should know about.

1. Engine and performance:

  • Turbocharged engine
  • 2993 cc capacity
  • Vee Engine layout
  • 6-cylinder engine
  • Maximum power of 258 Bhp
  • Maximum Torque of 600 NM
  • Top speed of 210 Km/hr

2. Drive Train:

  • F4 drive train type
  • 8 gears
  • Auto transmission

3. Fuel Consumption:

  • 7.8 Liters/100 km
  • CO2 emission: 196 g/km

4. Suspension:

  • Adaptive air front suspensions
  • Adaptive air rear suspensions

5. Brakes:

  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • Electronic stability program
  • Electronic brakeforce
  • Emergency brake assist

6. Driver Aids:

  • Cruise control
  • Speed limiter
  • Electronic power-assisted steering
  • Front and rear parking aid
  • Front and rear park distance control
  • Rearview camera

7. Entertainment:

  • DAB Digital radio
  • InControl App
  • InControl protect
  • Digital TV
  • USB socket
  • Meridian 380W Audio system

8. Security features:

  • Immobilizer
  • Intrusion sensor and alarm
  • Keyless entry
  • Locking wheel nuts
  • Remote central locking

Key Takeaway:

You always love to sit in the cabin while the throaty engine rumbles below your seat as a rider. Driving a Range Rover Vogue could provide you with the same experience, but the only thing you should watch is that the driving experience could be way different from riding a simple vehicle. Since this model is a 4×4, it can have other features and controls while you cruise through the highway.


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